Monday, April 16, 2018

How Big Can I Print My File?

When it comes to printing large-format sizes, determining if your file is high-enough resolution can be tricky.  Here are some methods you can utilize to guess-timate how large your file can be printed.

Check the file size.

Normally when files are sent to you via email, the thumbnail will come up with the title and size of the file that was sent to you. Typically anything around 600kb is going to be quite small to print - say, 8x10 to 11x14 sort of size. If it's over 1MB, then you might be able to print it in the 16x20-ish range. Higher than 2MB, and we're looking at a much higher chance at hitting 24x36 and higher.

If you aren't able to check a file size though email, you can also check it on your computer. On a PC, right click the file and select Properties. It should tell you how large the file is. On a Mac, all the information should pop on a side window when you select it in the folder.

Check the resolution.

Although knowing the size of a file can help, it is the quality of the resolution that ultimately will dictate how large a file can be printed. Sometimes you can have a relatively small file, but the quality of the resolution is excellent, and therefore it can be printed at quite a large size. For most print projects, we ideally would like files to be 300dpi (300-dots-per-inch) at the size you wanted it printed, but 50dpi is usually considered visually acceptable.

How do you check for resolution? Typically it's found in the same area where you would find the size of the file. A file that says it is 1500x2500 px, for example, means that the file is 1500 pixels wide, and 2500 pixels high. If we apply the minimum 50dpi rule, (50pixels per inch), then that means the 30 x 50 inches at the very largest. 

The quality of the resolution matters.

When a file is not large enough to print, sometimes the first thought is to "add more pixels". While mathematically it makes sense, in reality there is no way to "add more pixels" to make an image clearer at a larger size.

Imagine you a puzzle piece that is 100 pieces wide, making the final width 50". This would mean each puzzle piece is approximately 0.5" in width.

Now imagine you would like the puzzle's final width to be 100". Although you could add white puzzle pieces to fill in the gaps between the ones you already have and colour them in, the result is that the full picture is still not going to be completely clear. The same concept applies to resolution - if the quality of the photo was low to begin with (with a smaller amount of pixels), adding more pixels will not make the photo more clearer; it will only make guesses based on the surrounding information the program understands, and fill in the colour at random. 

How to get a larger file version?

Upon discovering that you need a larger file, here are some ways to track a better one down:
  • Was it sent via Instagram/Facebook/Messenger etc? Any file sent through (or taken from) social media platforms will already be compressed, and therefore too small to print. In this scenario, we recommend contacting the person who posted the photo to send you the file through email.
  • When sending photos over email, make sure your sender is selecting "largest file size possible". Most email providers on mobile phones will list several options, and you are looking for either large size, or actual size. This should get you the original file with as much resolution information as possible.
  • Was your image found on Google? Try dragging the low-res image back into Google Reverse Image search. The engine should find all similar photographs, and list their sizes. Sometimes you may be able to find a larger version hosted from a different website. 
  • If your reverse-image search turns up nothing, and you are willing to find an image that is similar but not the same, we recommend hitting up some free stock photography websites. Stock photography websites will host beautiful photos with massive file sizes, perfect for printing large-format. All they request in return for your use is credit where you can (we can add it onto your photo before we print if requested).
And that's all of our tips for now! Hopefully this has been helpful! If you've gone through the article and still find yourself stumped on your file, send it on over to us, we'd be happy to check for you :)

And if you're ready, hop on over to and upload those files today - we print and ship most items within 2-5 business days! Let's get that awesome piece of artwork over your sofa before next week!


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Monday, April 9, 2018

[New!] Nielsen Metal Frames!

Looking for a frame that is lightweight, versatile, and easy to assemble or store away? A frame style that is sleek, posh and sophisticated? Look no further, we have got you covered!

Our newest additions of colored metal frames.

Metal frames have been around for a while. They were originally made by a framer named Donald Hubert after a museum conference in 1967. Their purpose was to be sturdy, lightweight and easy to dismantle so that artworks from the Art Institute of Chicago could be loaned out to other institutions and exhibitions. Nowadays, they can be found in virtually any space, but especially in those where the artwork needs constant changing - offices, retail spaces, museums. 

New metal frames in traditional colors.

Traditionally metal frames could only be made in either silver or black, polished or brushed. However, Nielsen's new line of metal frames showcase a brand new array of profiles, colors, and finishes. We now carry metal frames in green, blue and red, and even a very convincing wood finish!

Look at this awesome convincingly good wood finish!

3/8" Contrast Grey

5/16" Silver

7/8" German Silver

3/8" Frosted Gold

7/16" Antique Gold

5/16" Gold

7/8 Florentine Walnut

7/8 Florentine Gold

7/16 Frosted Walnut

7/16 Walnut

These new gold ones are my absolute favorite. The chrome undertone makes for a very modern and sophisticated touch-  reminds me of champagne.

What are some benefits of a metal frame?

  • Affordable: Aluminum mouldings tend to be less expensive than wood, and are also lighter to transport. Since they are easy to assemble upon arrival, they can be packaged and shipped in lengths.  
  • Easy to assemble: To put a metal frame together, the only equipment needed is screwdriver, as opposed to wooden frames (which are joined by wood glue, staples, and clamps) and require time for setting.
  • Extremely versatile: Modern metal frames come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, profiles and finishes. Lengths of the same metal profile can also be interchanged with one another and combined to create different dimensions as needed.
  • Easy to store: When not in use, metal frames can be disassembled and condensed into any slim place.  
  • Durable: Made with anodized aluminum, metal frames are corrosion and wear-resistant, making it more able to withstand rust and oxidation
  • Archival use: Aluminum is an inert material that does not out-gas or contain acids, eliminating the need to seal the rabbet when doing conservation framing 

Just align...
And screw it in!


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Monday, April 2, 2018

Artists - How to Sign Your Artwork

As part of our new year's resolution to broaden our topics, today we will be sharing our tips for signing your art. Although it may seem very simple, signing your name can actually be an art in of itself (no pun intended). Just like any brushstroke, your signature is an integral and important part of your piece, and requires careful consideration and thought. Before you sign-off with your initials, keep these tips in consideration:

  • Sign your artwork, legibly and clearly
  • You can sign it anywhere (back, front, sides, corners, etc), but
  • Keep it consistent from piece to piece
  • Sign with the same medium as your artwork
  • Date it (on the back)

Having a unique, recognizable, and consistent signature helps market and preserve your brand, while preventing thefts or third-party replications in the future. Providing as much information about your piece on the back also allows historians and collectors to better track and place your artwork in context of history and value.

For example, 17th century Dutch artist Judith Leyster always signed with her initials (JL) with a star attached. It was a play on words (Leister meant 'lead star' in Dutch), and also acted as a watermark in certain paintings - for in some of her works, a star-shaped mark can often be found in the north part of the painting.

In addition to signing consistently, consider creating a certificate of authenticity to go with your work. Unique methods of identifications provide extra touch to the artwork buying experience and legitimacy. You can also use an embossing stamp on the certificate or print itself.

Finally, make sure you use proper materials to sign your originals or prints. For original artworks, try to sign with the same material as the artwork, as this would help deter counterfeits. For prints, stick to pencil or ink, either on the back or the bottom corners in the margins. This will help keep the focus on the art itself, while looking clean and professional.

And that's it! We hope this has been a helpful article for all our artists out there. If you have any tips you'd like to share, please let us know in the comments below!


KeenArt Media is an online fine art printing and framing company, specializing in canvas, archival and photographic prints and reproductions. We are proud to serve and support artists from all over Canada. 

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Easter 2018!

Wishing you all a happy Easter!

A reminder that we are closed Friday, March 30th, but will reopen Monday, April 2nd.

KeenArt Media is an online fine art printing and framing company, specializing in canvas, archival and photographic prints and reproductions. We are proud to serve and support artists from all over Canada. 

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Monday, March 26, 2018

5 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Frame

We know that sometimes picking frames can be a bit tricky. With so many different colors, textures, widths and styles to choose from, there's a lot of different factors to juggle all at once. So we're sharing our tips to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Decide What is the Final Size Needed

This may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but when picking frames, you need make sure the final result matches where you are planning on hanging it. Otherwise, you risk finding a beautiful frame, but its final size is either too small or too big for any of your spaces. So find the wall you'd like to hang your picture, and roughly measure how large you'd like it to be. 

2. Decide if You Need a Matboard

Once you have the final size figured out, you can start to narrow in on what combinations you can make with your artwork, matboard and frame. What is the size of your artwork? Does it need a matboard, or will a frame be enough? How thick should the frame be? 
Some tips for deciding if you need a matboard: matboards are generally more traditional, and help give more air and focus to a particular piece. You may want to consider a matboard if you:
  • have a smaller print that you would like to feature in a larger frame size (ie, a 8x10 picture but in an 11x14 frame)
  • have a particularly special piece or an original artwork that you would like to preserve - matboards help keep the plexiglass away from the artwork. This is especially helpful with artworks that have lots of textures and mediums such as chalk, pastel, etc, that may leave residue on the plexiglass resting on top of it.
  • have a signature wall or decor color you'd like to highlight - matboards are an excellent way to help harmonize a room with a pop of color

3. Pick Your Frame Style

Finally, the part that you wanting to get to to begin with! Now that you have an idea of the final combination you're going for, you can finally start considering which style of frame you want. Are you planning on going:
  • Modern? If so, consider pairing your white/off-white matboards with sleek, slim designs, such as thin metal frames. Or, if you have a larger piece, consider white minimalist wood frames in solid, matte finishes.
  • Traditional? If so, consider choosing a matboard of color to harmonize and enrichen your piece. Oil paintings, for example, often have many rich, deep ochres or ombre tints to them, which pair nicely with matboards with darker colors, such as plum, raspberry, rust, etc. If going for a dark matboard, try to keep your frame more basic. Conversely, if you would like to go for a more ornate frame (think gold or with lots of details), try to pick a softer, neutral matboard.
(To help you get started, here are some of our more popular frame styles:)
GA152 Black Satin
GB207 Gold Leaf Legacy
GC359 Kyoto White

4. Play Around with Sizes

Once you have an idea of colors and proportions, play around with them to see what hits the spot. You can use our online calculator with accompanying visual graphics to get a sense of how your matboard and frame are interacting. 

5. Have fun! 

Picking out picture frames doesn't have to be daunting. Like trying on new clothes, it can be a creative experience mixing and matching. For a better idea, you can also visit our youtube channel to see the different textures and finishes, or order corner samples to match with your picture. (Your corner samples become free if you end up purchasing a final big-sized frame from us!)

Monday, March 19, 2018

New Product: Blank Round Canvases are here!

We weren't kidding about unleashing new product this year! Based on your feedback, we have now included round blank canvases to our arts supply section!

Acrylic primed on cotton duck canvas and stretched on 3/4" deep frames, these are perfect for any painting project. Available in 5", 8", 10", 12", and 16" in diameter. Order here today!

Got a finished painting you would like to get reproduced on a round canvas? We can do that too! We offer circular frames from 18" to 40", all at 3/4" depth. When you order, just select the Square Version of your circular size (ie, 18x18 for an 18" diameter), and make a note you'd like "CIRCULAR CANVAS" in your order notes. We will send you an updated order confirmation (please note, specialty shapes are 20% more than regular square shapes) and get your round painting made in 7 business days!

Upload your photos now and order your round canvas today!


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Monday, March 12, 2018

Photo-Tex Adhesive Fabric

Did we mention that we've been uploading new videos to our channel? Make sure you check us out!

One of the products we've recently featured is our Photo-Tex Removable Adhesive.  It's got a lovely canvas-like texture, with an adhesive backing to stick on any surface. It can be used not once, not twice, but multiple times - which makes it a great option for wall murals, posters and signs.
What else can it do? It's also water-resistant, weather-resistant, doesn't tear or wrinkle and dries instantly.

If you've got an artwork file ready, head on over to and order today!


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